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Join This Membership Program for Sourcing-as-a-Service of WAN, Cloud, Cybersecurity, VoIP and more

Are you tired of paying expensive hourly fees for tech consulting? This new membership platform pairs you with digital marketers, cloud specialists, and more all for one low price!

With the Technology Buyer’s Club, you can access over 500 industry leaders and service providers depending on your requirements. And that’s not all – your membership also qualifies you for dedicated advice from a Technology Source consultant!

They will work alongside you and pair you with a portfolio of over 500 businesses focused on optimization. If you want to streamline your growth, the new program launch simplifies the tech acquisition process.

Get your customized service at:

Technology Source has been operating since 1998 and works as a long-term partner for your business. The new Technology Buyer’s Club membership has been described as similar to a tech-focused LendingTree, as you can access services from a wide-ranging marketplace, who compete for your business.

Examples of the companies that you can work with include digital marketing experts, cloud solution providers, and advanced cybersecurity specialists. Alongside this, you have access to voice and video communications and reliable managed IT systems.

Often, you don’t have time to research the top-rated agencies when you’re trying to fast-track growth or secure innovative solutions to hit your sales targets. The Technology Buyer’s Club makes it easier to find and connect with leaders in a range of fields.

In addition to this, the service eliminates one of the primary drawbacks of the traditional B2B tech-sourcing process. Rather than having to deal with salespeople whose differing recommendations can be confusing, Technology Source provides advisors who are committed to your success.

Through the Technology Buyer’s Club, service providers compete to work for you. Because you also get access to your own advisor, you will receive more bespoke services tailored to your needs and goals.

The Technology Buyer’s Club is a Sourcing-as-a-Service platform, created by experts who understand how important it can be for you to align with the right vendor for tech solutions. The platform aims to provide you with a competitive advantage across all channels.

A spokesperson states: “The club has been a brainchild of mine for years. When Sonya came to me with the idea, I was thrilled that we both had a similar vision on creating a club for IT leaders that puts them at an advantage. Going it alone, many businesses miss out, but by joining the Technology Buyer’s Club they get a dedicated technology advisor to represent them.”

Want to learn more about this groundbreaking opportunity? Get in touch today to see how the platform can transform your business.

Check out for any extra info you need!

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