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Our mission is to be a resource for clients worldwide by helping them streamline the purchasing process.

Our Sourcing-as-a-Service solution partners you with a technology advisor who is on your team, but not on your payroll.

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity.

Our Sourcing-as-a-Service solution provides a Technology Advisor, free of charge, to help you speed through any Request for Proposal.  Our Elements of Business Success portfolio encompasses 500+ service providers.

Save time and money when purchasing Cloud Computing/Applications, Telecom, Mobility, Cyber Security, Managed Services, Digital Marketing, Internet Access, IT Services, SD-WAN, Mobility, Energy and more.

Find, buy and manage all your business technology services with

Technology Source.

Technology source brings together the talent, experience, infrastructure and capabilities of 500+ technology companies to create a new kind of company —one designed specifically to address the dynamic IT infrastructure and application needs of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Goodbye salespeople, 

hello Advisors.

Helping business clients since 1998.

Put a technology expert in your corner.

Don't let YOUR solution be defined by THEIR salespeople.
We represent you, our client.
Direct reps of service providers represent their best interests.

“We weren't happy with the structure of our I.T. department and we didn't know there was a team out there that could help us fill in those gaps without having to hire new staff.”


Businesses waste time with RFP's that can take 6 months to get the results we can produce in two weeks. Save time and get better results by letting our advisors drive your RFP process. 
Instead of paying your team to do research we have already done – engage our team of experts at no cost and benefit from our volume discounts. 


We find the best pricing for your company with pre-negotiated discounts and we shop for the best promotional offers on your behalf.

Strategize on using the right cloud solutions, phone systems, internet access, sd-wan, software, data centers, security, and marketing.

•    Are you sure you know all of the options available, and which would be best for your business?
•    Having trouble telling "solution providers" apart?
•    Is no-one accountable for making your vendors work together?
•    Are different sales people giving you different recommendations?
•    Are you worried about exposure to data breaches, ransomware, trojans, phishing and cryptojacking? 
•    Are you struggling to maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI, NIST and other business critical regulations?
•    Could you be shopping for technology that's near end of life or not ideal for your business?
Technology Source is your long-term partner in selecting and deploying the right mix of solutions that will make your business successful.

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Dominic Antonini    

Dominic has a gifted ability to understand and apply concepts.  He has facilitated contracts between over 500 Service providers of IT Services, Telecom, Cloud Computing, Network, Cyber Security and more.  His vision is to provide solutions through the combination of many provider options, and access to wholesale pricing.   He leads the Technology Source team with the main goal of helping companies source solutions for any technology related service.


Sonya Meline

Sonya is a dynamic leader who holds a deep passion for sharing the tools for success with others and can be found volunteering in her local community or participating in the mentoring program for the National nonprofit Alliance of Channel Women. She founded the annual Techie Toy Drive which collects and donates STEM toys directly to children in need. Her IT career started when she was the IT Director for a several busy mid-sized healthcare companies, including Physicians DataTrust and Center for Sight. She went on to lead as a chief executive for business cloud services firm Effortless Office, and founder and partner in compliance firm ComplyPro. Sonya joined Technology Source as Chief Information Officer with a passion for business process improvement.


Rob Olson

Mr. Olson is a results-oriented, high-energy, and driven executive with 20+ years experience delivering revenue growth and successfully executing business plans. Executive level sales and marketing leadership within technology companies ranging from start-up environments to national sales organizations. Expertise leading channel sales teams with a track record of building world-class, high performance organizations.


Executive Team

Our leadership team brings together decades of experience in connectivity and technology solutions for advancing the next generation of data, applications and business.

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We are the Sourcing-as-a-Service company with 500+ best-in-class business solutions, and over two decades earning trust around the globe. Technology Source pairs with midsize and enterprise organizations to streamline IT and Telecom provider selection.


The vendor selection process is crucial to success.


As a trusted business advisor, Technology Source’s mission is to help our customers and advisors to win by unleashing the elements of enterprise technology solutions. 

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