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Why Military Vets Should Be a Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

There is no question that cybersecurity is a growing field. The labor board estimates that jobs for information security analysts will grow by 33% from 2020 to 2030. This rate is four times faster than the average employment growth rate of all occupations nationwide.

However, according to The New York Times, military veterans are 37% more likely to be underemployed than non-veterans.

According to Cyber Seek, there are currently 769,736 cybersecurity job openings in the United States. Based on this, and the experience that military veterans have under their belt, it might be time for you to consider military veterans as a part of your cybersecurity strategy.

Working with state-of-the-art technology, The United States military employs some of the most highly trained staff in the world.

Servicemen and women are exposed to high-tech equipment, systems, and programs on a regular basis.

Rob Olson, CRO with Technology Source said “Outsourcing to veteran owned cybersecurity businesses is something we highly recommend. [Veterans] have a broad and deep understanding of where the threats are coming from and why. Former military have special training and real-world experiences that give them insight into persistent threat defense.”

Veterans were also trained in a mission-driven profession and once they leave the military, they are often looking for another way to serve our country. Stopping bad actors seeking to inflict damage or extort money to fund even more nefarious incursions, aka cybersecurity, is a natural fit for many veterans.

Sonya Z. Meline, a US Navy Veteran, and Cybersecurity leader and CIO at Technology Source said “Our US Veterans and US-Veteran-Owned Cybersecurity firms have many of the qualities and skills in cybersecurity that our clients desire. In the Navy it was ‘honor, courage, and commitment.’ This combined with the right educational and certifications, [veterans] are well-suited for careers that directly apply and reward those qualities.”

Technology Source has partnered with several US Veteran-Owned firms specializing in technology such as cybersecurity. They are hosted the First Annual Virtual Veterans Cybersecurity Leaders Panel. To meet these vets, or learn more about hiring veterans at your firm, reach out to CIO, and former US Navy Vet, Sonya Z. Meline at:

About Technology Source:

We are the Sourcing as a Service company with 500+ best-in-class business solutions, and over two decades earning trust around the globe. Technology Source pairs with midsize and enterprise organizations to modernize IT. The vendor selection process is crucial to success. As a trusted business advisor, Technology Source’s mission is to help our customers and advisors to win by unleashing the elements of enterprise technology solutions.

Technology Source pairs with small, midsize and enterprise organizations to modernize IT. The vendor selection process is crucial to the success of any organization. The right providers will set a business up for success, and Technology Source helps customers gain the competitive advantage they need to win.

For interviews and more information, please reach out to Sonya Meline, at

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