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We are the Sourcing-as-a-Service company with 500+ best-in-class business solutions, and over two decades earning trust around the globe. Technology Source pairs with midsize and enterprise organizations to streamline IT and Telecom provider selection.


The vendor selection process is crucial to success.


As a trusted business advisor, Technology Source’s mission is to help our customers and advisors to win by unleashing the elements of enterprise technology solutions. 

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How Technology Source Supports the Growth of Telehealth

Updated: Mar 16

One Network at a Time

The healthcare industry had to adapt. It had to reinvent itself quickly to meet the demands of an unrelenting global pandemic. Hospitals were at capacity, clinics were overflowing, and pop-up testing sites became common. Physicians are now remote like never before. America relied on technology to enable healthcare institutions to stay focused on patient care.

Quickly, the world realized that networks of yesterday were not built to support the needs of today.

Hundreds of remote locations needed speed, security, and performance. Requirements that are now critical in today's modern health care models.

But there is a solution. Technology Source connects physicians, and other telehealth providers, with the best in SD-Wan. Our network of providers builds solutions specifically for healthcare IT departments to improve existing infrastructure and to deliver secure, uninterrupted connectivity. This across expanded networks, from cloud, to data centers, to remote medical facilities, and home-based telehealth locations. Healthcare providers can confidently and securely send medical files, take payments, conduct telehealth appointments, and increase performance and connectivity.

These improvements onsite, or at remote sites, allows IT departments to reduce troubleshooting time from days to minutes. Technology Source has over 500 unique providers, including dozens of SD-Wan providers. We match healthcare organizations with the solutions they need to evolve. Today's healthcare leaders trust Technology Source to modernize their networks so they can stay focused on delivering the best care to their patients.

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