8x8 X Series is one platform for cloud phone, messaging, meetings and contact center. With X Series, small and medium businesses can enhance customer experience and increase collaboration across the organization.

  • Connect with customers quickly and intuitively
  • Take your business on the go with mobile apps
  • Be more productive on the devices you already use
  • Do it all at a cost you won’t believe

With one application for all your communication and collaboration needs, 8x8 helps your employees communicate easily and collaborate from anywhere on any device. With 8x8, employees’ agility increases, as they move from chat to voice to Video to Web Conferencing with one click inside a single application. No on-premises equipment or maintenance required. That  means fewer vendors, fewer bills and fewer apps to manage and provision. Whether you’ve got 10 employees or 10,000—one office or 1,000 — 8x8’s one cloud communications platform brings it all together.


Sweet Spots

X Series Cloud Contact Center offers plans to address your diverse needs in the most cost-efficient manner.


Voice contact center with predictive dialer

X5 includes X4 capabilities plus:

  • Voice contact center channel
  • IVR with drag and drop design tool
  • Predictive dialer


Voice contact center with advanced reporting

X6 includes X4 capabilities plus:

  • Real time and historical contact center reports
  • Graphical customer journey analytics
  • Customizable wallboards/dashboards


Multi-channel contact center with advanced reporting

X7 includes X6 capabilities plus:

  • Email, webchat and social channels
  • Co-browse


Multi-channel contact center with advanced analytics and predictive dialer

X8 includes X7 capabilities plus:

  • Quality management
  • Speech analytics
  • Predictive dialer



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