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Technology Source launches as new brand and logo at Interop19

Technology Source, formally Telecom Brokers, a global telecom sourcing leader, is introducing the company's new corporate brand and logo at Interop 2019 in Las Vegas, NV. The rebranding from Telecom Brokers to Technology Source reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

S ince being founded in 1998, Telecom Brokers has been a recognized and leader in enterprise telecom sourcing solutions that help organizations greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the RFP process and reduce their costs. Telecom Brokers’ award-winning portfolio of technology service providers has continued to evolve as the world becomes more connected and migrates to cloud based services, now including over 150 service providers.

Today, Technology Source sells its products and services in more than 60 countries, and is recognized as a leader by CIOs and IT Managers in the Enterprise space for quickly and efficiently sourcing best of breed service providers to meet and exceed client requirements worldwide. The expanded portfolio now includes services beyond telecommunications and connectivity s including cloud computing, software applications, equipment sales, cyber security, endpoint management, help desk support and big data analytics.

This rebranding represents a successful and ongoing transition to a company well beyond its telecom services heritage. Technology Source is focused on helping its clients quickly and efficiently source the best service providers quickly efficiently and without having to deal with sales reps or sales calls.

The new logo evokes the clarity, value and durability of the Telecom Brokers diamond, evolving to a circuit board, which represents the broader offering of all technology services. The bright yellow gold and blue palette is fresh, vibrant and approachable, representing Technology Source’s new energy as well as our commitment to earning "customers for life."

Technology Source’s new tagline is, "Learn about and engage with service providers worldwide". This tagline represents our commitment to ongoing training so that we can help educate our clients and invites them to engage with Technology Source as part of their team to open up greater opportunities for success for their companies with our broader technology and solutions portfolio.

While the brand, tagline and logo have changed to better represent what the company is today, our value proposition remains the same – our combination of relationships with best of breed service providers, exceptional customer engagement at and deeper industry expertise remains unique, and enables us to develop long-lasting and rewarding customer relationships.

Supporting Quotes

"It has never been a more exciting time than now to be leading Technology Source, and this new brand and logo reflect our enthusiasm and focus on better connecting our clients to the service providers they can rely on and to help them meet their goals and business requirements," said Dominic Antonini President and Founder. "Our brand transformation better represents where the company is today and our vision for the future.

"Our company remains committed to creating 'customers for life', as has been the case for the past 21 years, but this new brand Technology Source clearly shows that we are changing as a company by expanding our technology offerings, pushing into new markets, as the company continues to evolve and innovate."

Supporting Resources

For more information about Technology Source visit

About Technology Source

Technology Source helps its clients source providers for technology services including telecom, connectivity, computing, data analytics, software applications, data center services and security through our portfolio over 150 service providers worldwide. Free of charge to our end user clients our consultants, research assistants and certified engineers will match your service locations and requirements with the best service provider options and help you to engage with the providers at the management level. Technology Source generally is able to help clients achieve better pricing since the provider does not have to pay a direct sales rep and they save on the cost of salary, office space, benefits, etc. and instead pays Technology Source to assist with account management. This provides our clients with an extra layer of customer service and a single point of contact for all providers and all locations.

Addresses 1551 N Tustin Ave 3343 Aspen Grove Drive Suite #125 Suite #220

Santa Ana, California 92705 Franklin, Tennessee 37067 United States of America

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