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NFL Team Drives Disruption In Sports With Technology Source's Help


No industry is exempt from digital disruption, including pro sports. Innovative networking technologies, applications, and media platforms are radically changing the game as we know it.

Many of the NFL teams have grown their fan base to include an audience of millions of people from all over the world. But with digital transformation revolutionizing the way spectator sports are disseminated and consumed, the one of the organization’s IT management team needed a single—and utterly reliable—network provider.

By choosing Technology Source, the NFL Team was hoping to consolidate its infrastructure and wide area network (WAN) under a single contract, both enhancing the team’s competitiveness and more wholeheartedly engaging its fans in the spirit of the game.

“The challenges that we were trying to resolve were that we had many networks spread throughout the world,” said the network administrator at the NFL team's headquarters. Managing vendors in varied locations created unnecessary complexities and delays. Not to mention, these disparate legacy network systems weren’t always reliable when communicating with fans, players, and employees.

The players themselves were affected by network problems. Both players and coaches at the training facility relied heavily on digital playbooks and other apps that they accessed via wifi. With mushrooming bandwidth requirements, the team needed a consolidated network solution that could support both sudden, on-demand needs as well scheduled bursts of data requirements. For example, on game days, the network had to support 70,000 fans who would be logging onto the stadium’s wifi to receive game tweets, text alerts, play analyses—or perhaps just to check their email. The team had to be sure not to disappoint.


Technology Source Had The Answer

Technology Source works with providers who offer a variety of services including global networks. Our team worked with the network administrators to find the perfect solution for delivering communications services to the entire organization. By selecting a mix of MPLS, internet, and voice offerings, the team's network leaders consolidated their infrastructure and wide area network (WAN) with a single provider.

Not only was the provider able to provide the network in the areas that the team already covered, it meant they didn’t have to rely on a third-party vendor to provide the last section to network endpoints. The services that the team selected and the network they designed now support centralized voice and internet communications between the organization’s global operations.


In addition to providing more consistent service and support, Technology Source’s vendor improved the team’s return on investment (ROI) by reducing the need for additional capital expenditures (CAPEX) by having to replacing older hardware and software. It slashed operational expenses (OPEX) as well, as the older, multivendor network no longer required daily maintenance. The team now enjoys increased flexibility and scalability — an important IT requirement for any spectator sports organization.

“It is a great feeling going into every home game and knowing that the services will be up and that the fans will have the world-class experience they have grown to expect at our stadium,” says the head of network engineering for the team. 

This dependable infrastructure positively affects bottom line results as well. Departments can get their jobs done more quickly and shift focus to bigger, revenue projects. With an infrastructure designed for growth, the team is now poised to exceed expectations—on and off the field.

About Appsmart

Technology Source’s mission is to be a resource for clients worldwide by helping them streamline the purchasing process. The right providers will set a business up for success, and Technology Source helps its clients gain the competitive advantage they need to win.

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