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Carriage House Inn

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Carriage House Inn

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Beverly Hills, CA

Hotel Sees Occupancy Rates on the Rise With Easy to Use Unified Communicaitons


"The client was looking for a complete solution to a variety of technology issues, but the number one reason they came to Technology Source was because they were facing mounting concerns in the area of compliance from its growing list of clients - and they were hoping to win a big national contract with one of the top pharmacies in the USA. 

Making changes across multiple locations with varied staff members was frustrating to senior management. The infrastructure was failing to cope with expansion of the business and lack of advanced security, reliable disaster recovery, and data backup –all while they were faced with inadequate speed and efficiency of IT Infrastructure. Security–both HIPAA and PCI compliance needs had to be strongly addressed in all solutions."


"A centralized HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant cloud-based desktop solution, that 

virtualized the servers, applications, and each user’s workstations.

Advanced security. 

Secure sending and receiving of emails 

Remotely managed Wifi. 

Full user support with US-Based Engineering Team. 

Third party application support "



Being able to log in to the company’s applications from any location or device allows managers and staff to spend more time working with clients. That, and everything is applied to all the company’s users globally, not one at a time. 


The speed of adding and removing employees to the system is important to the client. The client said, “The speed of is incredible. For example, it now only takes 45 minutes to bring on a new staff member. And while we have very little turnover, for the few situations we have had, just a quick call and the crew and they put the account on lock down.” 


The switch to Technology Source's providers means that now our client has a single source for all their IT needs. And the unique way Technology Source provides over 500 providers to compete for your business ensure vendors work hard to keep our customers happy. "

About Appsmart

AppSmart helps organizations of all sizes improve productivity with enterpriseclass cloud computing solutions.
AppSmart has migrated petabytes of data to the cloud, manages nearly 150,000 users, and serves nearly 1,500
customers. AppSmart has more than 100 strategic partnerships with leading cloud
providers including Google and Microsoft.

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