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The science of building your trusted technical advisory practice.  

June 18, 2020


Rob Olson

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The technology industry is witnessing a sea change with how IT leaders select and buy solutions.  Data shows that it now takes 16 contacts with a new prospect to get a meeting.   In addition, most IT and telecom products are highly commoditized, driving margins and commissions down—decreasing your perceived value with your client.  IT Leaders now rely on a trusted advisor to help them make decisions, which makes it much more difficult to set a meeting with new prospects.  The result?  We need to re-evaluate our sales techniques and add a few new elements to succeed in this new world.


To earn a seat at the table with IT leaders today requires new thinking.  Technology sales partners need to differentiate their solutions while adding substantial value and delivering an outstanding implementation experience.   


Technology Source has brought together a series of educational events, with the objective of positioning / re-positioning our partners as the trusted advisor for IT Leaders.  These events will bring together several unique solution elements that are differentiated / unique, add substantial value and interest, provide an outstanding implementation experience and represent a low-risk decision for the IT leaders. 


During the next several weeks the Technology Source team will be introducing you to these unique products that we refer to as Dynamic Door Openers. 

  • Add additional value and drive new revenue from your existing base

  • Attract new customers with a differentiated solution, not being presented by others, and earn a seat at the table for future business

  • Win more business by adding value to a commoditized product solution to differentiate your offer from competitors

  • These unique products may require additional bandwidth, storage or equipment, driving revenue for your core product offering

  • Create unique, high-value, solutions that position your organization as the customers trusted advisor

This TechLAB features:


Each provider participates in a panel discussion and leads a certifying workshop for the attendees

Date & Time

June 18, 2021



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Benefits of a Dynamic Door Opener solution: