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New service for businesses shopping for VoIP, Cloud Based Phone Systems and SIP

Technology Source connects business clients worldwide with VoIP Phone Systems, Cloud Based Phone Systems and wholesale SIP TRUNKING providers at wholesale pricing. This sourcing platform will allow businesses to save time and money by shopping and quoting multiple providers through a single contact. Visit

Technology Source is the Sourcing-as-a-Service Company with over twenty years of experience in the Technology Sourcing field. The company prides itself on assisting businesses to expand and thrive by providing them with the best technological solutions. Now, with Cloud Based Phone Systems, VoIP Phone Systems and SIP TRUNKING revolutionizing the way business is connect with their customers, Technology Source aims to connect businesses to VoIP and Cloud based phone system and service providers through its Sourcing-as-a-Service Platform.

SIP TRUNKING and Cloud Based VoIP Phone Systems are great new technologies for businesses that want to improve the reliability and reduce the cost of Long Distance, International and Toll Free calling. Save money with access to Wholesale Pricing for VoIP phone systems and SIP TRUNKING. You can support one office or create a pool to support different branch locations around the world with the ability to have your customer service phone numbers follow the sun and transfer from location to location around the world to provide your customers with 24 hour support.

Technology Source’s Sourcing-as-a-Service platform will assist businesses to easily shop for VoIP Phone Systems and SIP TRUNKING providers. The service is ideal for businesses looking to prepare for future business ventures, reduce costs, increase reliability and performance, or modernize their networks to enable new cloud applications. Sourcing as a Service gives businesses a simpler, cost-effective, and less time-consuming way to research, design and receive proposals from SIP TRUNKING providers.

This new platform will allow businesses to eliminate the hassle of speaking to multiple salespersons by providing expert support services that will handle the process for them. These experts will select the service providers that will best meet the needs specific to each business at wholesale prices.

Sourcing-as-a-Service will allow businesses to shop and evaluate as many as 150 SIP TRUNKING providers at the same time. Technology Source is advising business organizations of all scales to take advantage of the Sourcing-as- Service platform to quote SIP TRUNKING providers. These organizations are also encouraged to join the thousands of other businesses that are already reaping the benefits of this great new technology.

Technology Source promises excellent support to its customers via its USA-based support team which can connect businesses directly to service providers that can satisfy their needs. The company has thousands of clients, hundreds of service providers in over 60 countries, and hundreds of technology advisors who promise to negotiate in the best interest of the customers.

Interested parties can click on the link above for more information about Technology Source’s Source-as-a-Service Platform.

Contact Info:

Name: Dominic Antonini

Email: Send Email

Organization: Technology Source

Address: 1551 North Tustin Avenue Suite 125, Santa Ana, California 92705, United States

Phone: +1-800-340-8115


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