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Jr. Technology Advisor

We are seeking enthusiastic and knowledgeable Information Technology Sales Associates to promote and sell our IT & Telecom solutions. In this role, your duties will include familiarizing yourself with the technical specifications of our products, assessing clients' IT needs, and setting up demonstrations of our IT solutions to potential clients.

Sr. Technology Advisor

We are looking for technology specialists who are sales leaders and creative problem solvers for the position of Senior Technology Advisor. Senior Technology Advisors are responsible for establishing contact with prospective clients, helping clients shop for services, request quotes for their requirements and set up presentations from IT services providers offering IT solutions.

Technology Services Agent/Distributor

Our company is looking for a B2B Technology Services Distributors. In our Partner program you will be operating under your own business name. In our Agent program you will be operating under our business name and have access to our CRM systems and lead generation tools.

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