Do you have a background as CIO, CTO, IT Manager, Telecom, Software or Technical Sales Executive?

We have 5 different programs and career paths to meet your career goals.  Learn about our Referral, Alliance (part- time), Advisor (full-time), Agent and Partner Programs.

Work from home, our offices or even while working for another service provider in our alliance program. 

Work toward employment with us or let us help you start your own business!  We have proven lead generation systems for people willing to work our system.   

Build something for your future.  Top performers earn twice as much with us vs. "Corporate America" based on our profit sharing model.  

An ideal candidate for us has a technical area of expertise in at least one of our product areas and

the ability to bring in new clients.  Can you pick up a phone, make and coordinate appointments between

prospective clients and sales engineers of our service providers?  If you have the drive to succeed and want to earn what you are worth click below to take the 1st step!



Franklin, TN office grand opening - 

This is the actual monthly residual commission check for our top Advisor for October 2020.  Everyone wants to make over $850,000 per year but we find that 95% of people are not willing to put in the work, especially in the first 90 days to 6 months.  We want the top 5% and use a profit sharing model based on your performance.  When you start day 1 there are no profits to share, but you can start making money in month 2 or 3.  Salary positions offered to top producers after 90 days to lead teams.  Interview now If you believe you got what it takes to succeed!  

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Dominic Antonini - President

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IT Sales Consultant

USA, Canada, UK 

Technology Source

We are looking for technology specialists who are creative problem solvers for the position of Technology Advisor. Advisors are responsible for finding and attracting new clients, working with in-house technical teams to pair providers that match clients needs, sourcing technological solutions to solve business problems, making recommendations, creating an adjenda for meetings, analysis of proposals, and facilitation of communication between clients and service providers. 

Moreover, Advisors will communicate technical solutions in understandable business terms and coordinate presentations between service providers and clients, requiring exceptional interpersonal and communicative ability.

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Prospecting and Networking to bring in new clients. 

  • Analyzing a company's IT system and infrastructure.

  • Diagnosing IT system problems, inefficiencies and weaknesses.

  • Planning a timeline for completion of projects.

  • Understanding a client's business needs.

  • Recommending a technological solution to meet business needs.

  • Sourcing providers to manage clients security threats.

  • Providing advice on technology best practices.

  • Collaborating with technical in-house team to ensure familiarity with technology.

  • Helping clients understand the benefits of the new systems.

  • Monitoring the success of implementation of solution by providers to ensure client satisfaction.


  • Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field or 2 years of experience in selling Telecom, Software or IT Services 

  • MBA advantageous.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • B2B Solution Selling Experience. 

  • Creative problem-solving skills.

  • Customer service oriented.  

  • Good time management and organizational skills.


Job Types: Independent Contractor, Full-time, Commission, Salary Plus Bonus.  Employment offers given to top Independent Reps

Pay: Varies by performance.  Top performers make over $500,000 per year after 5 years by keeping and renewing clients. 

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