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Leading National Bookstore Cuts Energy Costs in Half

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Utah, USA

Network Evolution for a Growing Company


The firm needed a largescale infrastructure to support its huge customer base – more than 2 million subscribers across all of its websites – and the tremendous amount of content that they search and retrieve. On average, more than 75 million searches are handled by the firm daily.


An MPLS fully meshed private IP network service which makes it possible for the firm's offices to experience any-to-any connectivity featuring top application performance in a secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage environment. This is characterized by six levels of site-to-site QoS. With its intelligent connectivity, the website can run unlimited complex virtual network services over a single attachment circuit at no additional cost.

Software defined network (SD-WAN) control brings full visibility to and command over everything from bandwidth levels to port size.


It can be challenging for companies to consider evolving thier traditional WAN environment to modern network architecture, whether due to cost considerations or performance demands. But that it’s a journey worth taking – and one that should start with IT execs giving their teams the responsibility of investigating and identifying potential solutions. 

Ultimately, by working with Tehnology Source, the the network leaders at the firm worked together to source the best all-around package including: implementation, technology, cost, and service levels. The results were as follows: 

  • Increased application and network performance

  • Increased network agility/reliability

  • Sustained expanding geographic footprint

  • Reduced network service/management costs

About Appsmart

Technology Source’s mission is to be a resource for clients worldwide by helping them streamline the purchasing process. The right providers will set a business up for success, and Technology Source helps its clients gain the competitive advantage they need to win.

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