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Enterprise Assessment

From security to network performance. From asset and workstation reporting,

and everything in between, Technology Source’s Enterprise Assessment will

help your organization identify risks and stay a step ahead.


Cyber Liability Assessment

For any firm looking to obtain cybersecurity insurance, assessing the health 
and security of the network is paramount. From risk management to reports 
specific to each insurance carrier, Technology Source has got you covered.


HIPAA Assessment

This in depth assessment covers everything from policies and procedures, as it 
pertains to ePHI, to a Security Rule auditor with specific compliance items and an
onsite survey to assist the security officer in physical and technical safeguards. 
Additionally, the assessment lists CVSS scores for maximum prioritization of
the findings and demonstration of HIPPA compliance. 


GDPR Assessment

As security professionals across the globe are being forced to start paying heed to these European data protection requirements, you may be struggling to prioritize what’s next for your organization to comply. With our ISO 27001-2013 policy and procedure review and non-intrusive scanning, we will help you develop a risk treatment plan and provide evidence of GDPR Compliance.